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Bloody XI

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Bloody XI
Type ID 1
Type ID 2
Type ID 3
Type ID 4
Value 1
Value 2
Value 3
Value 4
Game Key AttVit XI
Bonus Armor
Bonus Attack 33
Bonus Defense
Bonus Damage
Bonus Precision
Bonus Vitality 33
Bonus Crit Damage
Bonus Gold Radius
Bonus Life Regen
Bonus Haste
Bonus Life Steal
Bonus Resist
Bonus cast
Bonus Min-Max Damage
Health Globe Bonus
Bonus Min Damage
Bonus Max Damage
Bonus Min-Max Damage Secondary
Bonus Life on Kill
Bonus Resource on Kill
Bonus Resource Regen
Bonus Max Resource
Bonus Resource Heals
Bonus Resource on crit
Bonus cc Reduction
Bonus run Speed
Bonus Thorns
Bonus Life
Bonus xp
Bonus Extra Sockets
Bonus Health Globe Chance
Bonus Life on Hit
Bonus Resist All
Bonus Kings
Bonus all Attributes
Bonus sub Type
Bonus Defense Range
Bonus Damage Range
Bonus min damage range
Bonus max damage range
Bonus max damage secondary
Bonus life range
Bonus all attribute range
Bonus salvage
Bonus damage unknown
Bonus gold
Bonus item cost
Bonus witchdoctor damage
Bonus wizard damage
Bonus haste secondary
Bonus block percent
Bonus resources on hit
Bonus unknown negative
Bonus resist stun
Bonus resist root
Bonus min resist freeze
Bonus resist all movement

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