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Blood Rush

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Blood Rush
Blood Rush
Game Diablo III
Class Necromancer
Type Active - Blood & Bone
Damage type Physical
Unlock level 30
Cost 5% Health
Cooldown 5 seconds
Shed your mortal flesh and reappear up to 50 yards away.

Blood Rush is a Necromancer active skill in Diablo III.


Level Skill rune
34 Potency
Potency (Physical)
Increases your armor by 100% for 2 seconds after casting.
40 Transfusion
Transfusion (Physical)
Heals for 2% of your maximum health for every enemy passed through.
49 Molting
Molting (Physical)
Leaves a corpse at your original location when used.
52 Hemostasis
Hemostasis (Physical)
Removes the health cost.
60 Metabolism
Metabolism (Physical)
Provides an additional charge but doubles the health cost.


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