Blinds on Hit (Diablo II)

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Blinds on hit is a Diablo II combat mechanic that appears as a Chance on Hit mod on some Unique, Set or Rune Word items. The game will roll for the chance for the mechanic to occur on every eligible melee or ranged attack. When the effect occurs, it is very similar to the Necromancer's Dim Vision spell in that it reduces the range at which monsters will attack you. The chance for the effect to occur is governed by the formula

Chance To Blind = 50 + 5 * (Attacker Level + ((Bonus - 1) * 4)) - Defender Level)

Bonus is the summed total "level" of chance to blind granted by your items. Most items with the mod have a bonus level of 1 or 2. This value is zero unless you have at least 1 item with the bonus.


  • The total chance to blind is divided by 3 if using ranged attacks.
  • This stat does not affect Unique Monsters, Hirelings, other players, and Act-end bosses.
  • Available on some low level Unique Items this stat may be useful for leveling characters.

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