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Bless You

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Bless You
Bless You.png
Get the following benefits from shrines.
TypeGeneral > Exploration
  • Blessed (Reduced Damage)
  • Enlightened (Increased experience)
  • Fortune (Increased chance to find...
  • Frenzied (Attack speed increased)
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Small Runes
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Achievement Series

Bless You is an Achievement which requires using the shrines located randomly across the maps throughout Acts I–IV.

Shrines and benefits

  • Enlightened Shrine: provides a 25% boost to experience gained for 2 minutes. Only spawns if players and all followers are not at their maximum levels.
  • Frenzied Shrine: +25% attack speed for 2 minutes.
  • Fortune Shrine: +25% Magic and Gold find for 2 minutes.
  • Blessed Shrine: damage taken reduced by 25% for 2 minutes.