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Beastmaster of Westmarch

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Beastmaster of Westmarch is a Campaign Achievement for reading the following Bestiary lore books in Act V:

Death Maiden
Exoricst [sic]
Ghastly Seraph
Revenant Archer
Revenant Soldier
Shadow of Death
Summoned Archer
Summoned Shield Guard
Summoned Soldier
Vicious Hound
Hound Pack Leader
The Realmwalker
Barbed Lurker
Bogan Trapper
Corpse Raiser
Enraged Phantasm
Flesh Gorger
Flesh Hurler
Flesh Shaman
Maggot Brood
Primordial Scavenger
Scavenging Tunneler
Scouring Charger
Shrieking Terror
Skeletal Crawler
Tusked Bogan
Vile Bat
Warscarred Marauder
Warscarred Ravager
Winged Assassin
Winged Talus