Battlefield Reports

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Battlefield Reports




Damage -(-)
Damage (-) - (-)
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Durability 0 - 20
Required Level 1
Item Level 1
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 0 Gold.png
Set Name [[]]


The men are losing hope. The demons' numbers seem endless. They come at all times, day or night, and no amount of casualties we inflict slows their advance. We need reinforcements. We need help.

— Guard of the Keep


Battlefield Reports is located in The Battlefields. A Guard of the Keep with the Blue "!" above his head tells of his trials on the battlefields, and will automatically give you the journal after he has finished speaking.

Additional Information

This item together with Orders from Azmodan, Part 1 through Part 6 is part of the achievement Espionage. As of patch 1.0.4, this achievement can now be completed.