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Basic Gemology

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Basic Gemology
Basic Gemology.png
Teach the Jeweler a design.
TypeCrafting > Jeweler
Banner Shape
Banner Shape - Artisanal.png
Achievement Series
Expert Gemology →

Basic Gemology is a Crafting Achievement which requires teaching the Jeweler at least one randomly-dropped Design.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
Basic Gemology.png Basic Gemology 10 Banner Shape - Artisanal.png Banner Shape
Teach the Jeweler a design.
Expert Gemology.png Expert Gemology 20 (cumulative) Teach the Jeweler 3 designs.
Master Gemology.png Master Gemology 30 (cumulative) Teach the Jeweler 6 designs.
Flawless Gemology.png Flawless Gemology 40 (cumulative) Banner Shape - Rich.png Banner Shape
Teach the Jeweler 9 designs.
Perfect Gemology.png Perfect Gemology 50 (cumulative) Teach the Jeweler 12 designs.