Aura Enchanted (Diablo II)

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Aura Enchanted is one of the many bonuses that Unique Monsters may obtain in Diablo II. While it does not directly affect the statistics of a monster (Unlike Stone Skin or Extra Strong), it is nevertheless a dangerous bonus to be pitted against. Both Offensive Auras and Defensive Auras can be used by the monster, it all depends on chance. Monsters may also only have one aura at a time.

What it does

Aura Enchanted monsters can have the following auras:

  • Might
  • Holy Fire
  • Blessed Aim
  • Holy Freeze
  • Holy Shock
  • Conviction
  • Fanaticism


Obviously, some auras are more dangerous than others. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to tackle each different aura.

  • Might is one that can sometimes prove to be a bother. If the base monster already hits hard (Such as Blunderbores), then you may be in for a tough fight. However, if a relatively soft-hitting monster has the aura, then you can easily go toe to toe with it. It is worth noting that the minions will also hit harder, so watch out when facing a monster with this aura.
  • Holy Fire is a mere bother if you have sufficient Fire Resistance. It will hit you with an automatic fire attack every several seconds and will add fire damage to the Unique monster (not the minions).
  • Blessed Aim is another aura that is not that dangerous. It will increase the Attack Rating of the boss and its minions, but aside from that there is not much to worry about. As long as you have a high defense or a decent block rate, you can go toe to toe with them with no worries. The only difficulty of this aura is that monsters will hit you more often, which will interrupt casters quite frequently. Keep out of range, and you will be free to blow them away from afar.
  • Holy Freeze is possibly the most dangerous aura aside from Conviction. This aura will slow you down and make you much easier for the boss and its minions to dispatch. Thawing Potions are of no use here, since it will constantly freeze you. The least dangerous way to tackle this aura is to draw minions away from the boss (who has the aura) and kill them one at a time. In this way, you can be sure that only the boss will be hitting you while you are slowed. If at all possible, use a ranged weapon so you can keep out of range of the aura.
  • Holy Shock is very similar to Holy Fire, except it has a bit more kick. Same as with Holy Fire, keep your resistances up and it shouldn't be too much of a bother.
  • Conviction is another one of those "Oh no" auras. It will lower all of your elemental resistances and your defense. When paired with the bonus Spectral Hit, this proves to be one of the deadliest combinations in the game. Hit-and-run is one of the safest ways to kill a monster with this bonus; use the same tactic as you do for Holy Freeze: draw minions away from the boss and dispatch. Once the boss is alone, you can face him with much less worry.
  • Fanaticism is an aura that can really hurt you if you're in melee combat. It will raise damage, attack rating, and attack speed. Once again, use hit-and-run to play it safe; you simply cannot afford to get sloppy with this aura.