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Assur is a demon lord that led the demonic forces in the battle of Einsteig.


Assur is the main antagonist in the novel Demonsbane.

"The demon was a giant... Its eyes shone bright red and horns protruding from its shoulders, elbows, and knees. It wore only a primitive loincloth and a belt, and it bore a giant sword. On its chest a strange symbol was emblazoned, and Siggard could not tell if it was a tattoo or something the creature wore."

He is the "favored baron of the Lord of Terror". Assur is enchanted by the Glyph of Invincibility - "He cannot be slain by any hands alive, be they mortal or angelic".

At the battle of Blackmarch he used strategies similar to Bartuc. Using "hiddens" -invisible warriors - to break the shieldwall.

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