Apocalypse (The Hell)

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  • Apocalypse is an interesting spell that hits for physical damage. It will only hit a monster that's on the screen and within your line of sight. As a general rule, if you can hit it with an arrow from your current position and you can see it, Apocalypse will hit it.
  • Currently, Apocalypse only appears on relicts. Diablo, Über Diablo, and Defiler are able to cast it.
  • Damage = clvl * rand(1, 100)

So if you're a level 30 Mage and your random number turns out to be 50, you'll deal 1500 damage.

  • Damage type is physical, no monster can resist it. The damage reduction that Unique Monsters possess, however, DOES apply.
  • Summoned golems and players are immune to Apocalypse.

This information was updated using the written guide for versión 1.205d created by Daniel Campbell/sbx.

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