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Aid Fops O'Rally

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Aid Fops O'Rally
Quest Giver Fops O'Rally
Quest Area A Merry Clearing
Goal Rescue Fops O'Rally
Reward Unlocks Bard artisan
Quest Items Song of Relief scroll - lvl 1
Optional? Yes

The player will first meet this character through the quest called Aid Fops O'Rally. In this quest, you find O'Rally trying his best to serenade a group of Goatman. Unfortunately he appears to be flopping and the monsters are quickly turning on him. After mowing through the dozens of beasts, the Bard will follow you back to town. After coming to terms that his music is not enough to stop these monstrosities alone, the Bard will offer to teach you how to play various songs to add to your physical and magical arsenal.

Quest Activation Dialog

Fops O'Rally

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes! I must have struck a wrong chord with these Goatmen. Lend me a hand?"
"Excuse me traveler! I'm in a bit of a pickle here, would you be so kind to aid me? These Goatmen have no appreciation for my delicate serenade."
"I'd really love to chat but I have a small problem here..."
"In all honesty, this is really not the most opportune time for a conversation!"
"Ow! I didn't want this to be my last ballad!"

NPC Quest Dialog

Upon Completion

Fops O'Rally:"Good Heavens, it appears I need more practice! My music was just not agreeing with those Goatmen. Fancy a tune or two perhaps?"