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Activated Vessel

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Activated Vessels are the creatures Dark Vessels transform into if they successfully summon a demon into their own bodies. They are one of the more disturbing monsters seen in Diablo III.

Activated Vessel.jpg


Activated Vessels

Activated Vessels are not the stereotypical possessed human, they are humans, possessed by demons, Diablo style. They appear as severely mutated humans who have spikes, sinews and blood all over their bodies.

From the concept art, we can see that a spike under the neck is called the Teeth of Diablo. This may mean a special skill associated with the aforementioned spike, perhaps some kind of leeching attack.


Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Tortured Soul.png

Tortured Soul The Doom Scholar

Unholy Thrall

Must be killed to complete The Crumbling Tower event.


Hurax Siphoner of Souls

Unholy Thrall

When you first enter the room, he will be a Dark Vessel killing several villagers to transform. This can not be prevented.