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A Stranger in Need

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A Stranger In Need
Adventurer C Portrait.png
Rescue the man trapped in the iron maiden.
ActAct I
LocationHalls of Agony Level 2
Gold230 Gold.png
JournalA Prisoner's Journal

A Stranger in Need is an event quest in Act I. It has a chance to trigger near the end of Halls of Agony Level 2, where the player will see a fiery pit. A Prisoner's Journal, required for the achievement A Quick Study, is dropped in this event.


Adventurer C Portrait.png
Help me; I'm trapped! In here! In the iron maiden!
Adventurer C Portrait.png
May the gods bless you! I was certain I was gonna die in there!
Adventurer C Portrait.png
I heard rumors of vast treasure to be found down here, and damned fool that I am, I believed them. Don't know why I thought it might be inside an iron maiden.
All I could think of while I was trapped in that horrible darkness was that no one would ever know what had happened to me.

Related achievements

Achievement Points Reward Description
A Quick Study.png A Quick Study 10 Read the following People lore books in Act I.