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A Servant's Journal

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A Servant's Journal




Damage -(-)
Damage (-) - (-)
Attack Speed Expression error: Unexpected round operator.
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Durability 0 - 20
Required Level 1
Item Level 1
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 0 Gold.png
Set Name [[]]


My little Hakan has become so cruel... so paranoid in the last few weeks. I hear that he has ordered all of his staff to leave the city, or he will have them thrown from the walls. He cannot possibly mean me. I have cared for him since he was an infant!

— Servant Kohin


A Servant's Journal is looted from a Crumpled Corpse in the Caldeum Bazaar, northern-most corner (past Searing Sands Inn).

A Servant's Journal.jpg