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[edit] Introduction

Hello, my username on DiabloFans and DiabloWiki is Sojourna. I chose this name because I got tired of being solely known as Alayea. Sojourn sounded perfect because it is generally used to describe a person who is traveling in search of truth, so I added an 'a' at the end to make it appear feminine and voila!

I have also recently been promoted to administrator, which I find quite flattering, and I will exercise such privilege judiciously.

[edit] Background

I played Diablo I as a child -- looking back, I'm surprised my parents allowed my siblings and I to do so -- and I fell in love with the world of Sanctuary, as that universe would come to be known as. I also played Diablo II and its following expansion when they were released. Diablo III has overall been a good experience, although the story is much weaker than its D2 counterpart.

On a related note: My first exposure to the Warcraft universe was Warcraft III, and its eventual expansion. I did not start subscribing to World of Warcraft until about 6 months prior to the release of the expansion, The Burning Crusade, in early 2007; I have been playing ever since.

[edit] Purpose

Spelling errors drive me nuts. Same for errors involving punctuation and grammar. I also deal with clearing up confusion where possible, as I very much desire to have pages be understandable.

[edit] How to Contact

For matters regarding DiabloWiki, please use my talk page. If it is something you wish to be private and/or does not deal with directly with the wiki itself, you can send me a private message over at DiabloFans.