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I am Sojourna, but due to the account merging by Curse that happened years ago, I "lost" access to this user name space and my admin privileges accordingly. I haven't been able to update it since, so those who may ask me about a page I edited way back when are SOL.

I do not have any particular plans to come back for three reasons:

1.) Mostly inactive wiki. I hate to say this, but the Diablo wiki run by Wikia is kept way more up-to-date and better serves the needs of the players (%#&$&# layout and ads aside).

2.) Burned by Diablo III. The terrible launch, the crap-tastic story (there was a fantastic riff but alas I can't find the post), the game design... I've heard it's been improved a lot on since then (except the story which is still crap), but I just don't want to go near it again.

3.) Wowpedia. Been real busy over there ever since I lost interest in Diablo III, and just yesterday reached the 10k edits milestone. And what with the preparations for the upcoming Legion expansion... craaaaaaazy.

So there you have the story. I'm sorry I was something of a letdown as an admin (and an editor more so), but... to be honest it wasn't something I had wanted and I hadn't been asked my opinion on the matter at all. Just, "welcome to the admin club". What? In fairness though, I should have spoken up about my reluctance. Again, sorry.

Hope you all fare well in your future endeavors. -- Alayea

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