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The Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon

The Blacksmith and crafts weapons and armor of all kinds for the player to use, ranging from wands to Archon Plate, from magic to rare items.

He is the encountered first of two encountered Artisans. He can be found during the A Shattered Crown quest in Act I.

The Blacksmith's wagon features a rough, sharp aesthetic made up of wood and metal that evolves as you level him up.

Services[edit | edit source]

  • Forge Items: The Blacksmith can make weapons and armor from salvagable material. As the blacksmith levels up and is taught recipes he can make higher level gear and higher quality gear, such as rare items with six modifiers rather than four.
  • Salvage items: The Blacksmith can salvage magic, rare, set and legendary items. The result of salvaging depends on the item rarity. There is however a chance to receive a crafting material of higher rarity, than the salvaged item. For more, see Crafting Materials.

Before the Beta the blacksmith could also socket items, but this service has since been moved to the Jeweler.

As of Beta patch 13, the blacksmith no longer offers repairs. Instead, they are available at the vendor.

Forging[edit | edit source]

As the player trains the blacksmith, he gains access to a wider range of items. In order to level up the Blacksmith it is required to train him 5 times at each level. Each level up automatically grants him several new recipes, as well as a few more each time he is trained, even if he does not gain a level. Additionally the Blacksmith can be taught new recipes by giving him Plans, which can drop in the wild. As he levels up he will be able to learn more and more of them, since each Plan has a minimum Artisan level to learn.

Rare items start to appear on Journeyman level.

Each time he reaches a new difficulty level (levels 5, 7 and 9) he also gains the ability to upgrade crafting materials from earlier difficulties in addition to new equipment crafts.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Costs[edit | edit source]

Apart from gold, the Blacksmith requires Blacksmith-specific Pages of Training, such as Page of Blacksmithing and Tome of Blacksmithing in order to advance, with the exception of levels 9-10, when the Blacksmith requires Tome of Secrets, which are also required by the Jeweler to train at higher levels.

Level Title Gold Pages of Training Difficulty
1 Apprentice - - Normal
2 Journeyman 12,000 Gold.png - Normal
3 Adept 22,000 Gold.png - Normal
4 Master 31,000 Gold.png - Normal
5 Grandmaster 43,000 Gold.png 5 Page of Blacksmithing.png Nightmare
6 Illustrious 75,000 Gold.png 25 Page of Blacksmithing.png Nightmare
7 Magnificent 80,000 Gold.png 20 Page of Blacksmithing.png 5 Tome of Blacksmithing.png Hell
8 Resplendent 100,000 Gold.png 25 Tome of Blacksmithing.png Hell
9 Glorious 105,000 Gold.png 20 Tome of Blacksmithing.png 5 Tome of Secrets.png Inferno
10 Exalted 125,000 Gold.png 30 Tome of Secrets.png Inferno
Total 593,000 Gold.png 50 Page of Blacksmithing.png 50 Tome of Blacksmithing.png 35 Tome of Secrets.png

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