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This data according to the version 1.205e

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Fury effects vary for character class:

Paladin: +clvl/2 accuracy, +clvl/2 AC, +clvl*2 base damage, -2 slvl, +clvl/4 DFE.

Scout: +(clvl/4) DFE, -clvl accuracy, -(clvl/2) AC, the only benefit is triple shot with bows.

Mage: +2 slvl, +clvl*2 maxCurMana, -clvl/2 AC, +clvl/4 DFE.

Monk: -clvl/2 AC, -1 slvl, +clvl*2 base damage, -clvl/4 DFE, +clvl/4 all resists.

Assassin: +clvl/2 AC, +clvl*2 base damage, +clvl/4 DFE, +clvl/4 all resists.

Gladiator: +clvl/2 accuracy, -clvl slvl, +4*clvl base damage, -clvl/2 AC, -clvl/2 DFE.

Note: When under Fury, Gladiator becomes unable to cast any spells except his skill Aegis.

Note: DFE cannot go lower than Vitality/difficulty-based limit allows.

Note: Fury cannot be casted if current HPs are below CLVL value (for ex., with current HPs of 33 and clvl of 34).

  • Arrows split into 3. (for all classes exept assassin and mage) Same as the multishot effect on bows.
  • The duration is about: 30 + 0,5* slvl (s)

Hotkey for Fury: F1

Hint: As scout, when using the auto clicker: Set the click delay to 400ms, then click and release once to multishot, and then hold down to continue multishooting. If you point close to yourself, your arrows split out more, and vise verse.

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