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DiabloWiki.com is intended to be the foremost database of Diablo information. This spans the entire Diablo series, but with a clear focus on Diablo III. We strive to not only possess the most relevant information, but also to present it in a well-designed and easily accessible manner for all fans to quickly and easily view and use.

Given the large amount of Diablo III information that is available, DiabloWiki.com will strive to be the best at procuring and presenting that information. Our approach will not only be to perform datamining methods on the game but to also gather information from well informed and trusted sources. Some of the data can be volatile in that it may not be verifiable or is subject to imminent change. For those reasons, it will be our priority to employ discretion when deciding what to place in the wiki and how to deliver it. Most of the information will eventually come to be shared as the data circulates publicly. Proper design, both graphical and structural, will be what sets us apart. This means that a uniform approach to page and template design, as well as good linking and categorizing, are critical factors that determine how the wiki is shaped.

In addition, DiabloWiki.com is an integrated part of the DiabloFans community. As such there is a purposeful intertwining of the two sites and a dependency between them. All staff members are also forum members there and participate in the Wiki Forum, and important wiki news and messages are often posted in the News Forum.


The spiritual predecessor of the wiki was created in early 2007 when DiabloFans user Ferret started a guide project among some of the more prominent members. The goal of the project was to create the most comprehensible guide for Diablo II, and although the project never took off it served as future inspiration. The wiki idea remained dormant until 2008, when user Atrumentis brought it back up. He was at the time a heavy contributor at wikia's diablowiki, and wanted to merge it with the DiabloFans community. The plan looked promising initially, and curse prepared to set up a wiki at wiki.diablofans.com. The merging never took place however and the two wikis would go on to become two very different entities.

The DiabloFans Wiki was created in November 2008 by the DiabloFans Staff in order to further increase the scope of DiabloFans and expand it as a fansite.

In January 2009, it was unveiled to the public in the forum here.

In August the same year, the wiki moved from wiki.diablofans.com to diablowiki.com. The move was only for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons, and the wiki is still a part of DiabloFans and is run and maintained from there.